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TTA Quest Guide Part 1 **SPOILER**

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TTA Quest Official Guide

1.Welcome to the TTA Quest! You have lots of exploring and mysterious
people to meet. While playing the quest is entirely optional. you can earn points and cards for your tta account and have a great adventure while your at it. Have Fun! 8)

2.Well here you are dropped into the quest.
Few things to note:
Looking at your stats you will see CHA. This is your "travel points".
One point is deducted each time you move. It can be replenished using
Travel Potions or Jupon or Azure Roots. The first thing we are told is
we have to head for the first city Therissa which is at 228,129.
Lets get moving!

3.City of Therissa (228,129)
Finally made it. Make sure to look around and check out the various links.
One thing we must do at this point is pick a starting class.
In the library there is some useful information written in the books.
Once you are ready to choose a class head over to the Mystic Temple.

This is where you choose your class, you can change class at any time with
no negative effect on your character. In fact as your quest progresses
more classes will become available and it is encouraged to use different
classes. Some classes only become available when gaining levels as other
classes. Try different combinations to see what you can get!

Once you have a starting class let's go get our first mission.
Go to D&L Armor and the man motions for you to see him out back. He asks
if you will help find his brother who was kidnapped and he even has a
little reward for you if you do it. Accept the mission.
Next visit the graveyard where a man appears with some information
regarding the missing brother for a price. You should gain a couple
levels at this point anyway so lets head out side and fight some
monsters. Keep in mind a weapon and some armor might be useful as well.

Once you have his 500 gold and something equipped lets go back and see him.
He tells you that the brother has been taken to Mordain which is southwest
of Therissa. On the way out stop by Dirths Pestle(if you are a magic class
or thief) to learn your first magic spell Cure which is also free ;).
Off we go to Mordain!

4.Fortress of Mordain (54,8 )
As you enter be sure to have a look around the fortress.
The weapons and armor at this point are still a bit out of range for purchase.
Go to the Temple of Sollice who tell you the high priest is in the basement.
Entering the basment you are given a riddle which is referring to the values
of numbers on a specific TTA card.

282, Liquid Flame, Level: 6, values: 3, 3, 7, 8.

Shout 3378 and the door will unlock leaving you to face the High Priest.
After defeating him you are awarded the Mordain prison key. Lets go use it.
Going into the prison you have freed the brother at which point he gives
you your first quest card!!
You receive your first gem and TTA quest card!!

He also mentions you should stop by and see him in Therissa, then he
heads off. We need to go back and collect our reward anyway
so lets head back to Therissa as well.

Also if you learning magic the first three dark spells can be picked up
by a mage or thief at 10k silver apiece.Go to the Fortress Gardens and speak
with him. Should you try to attack him he vanishes and so does your cure
spell forcing you to reobtain it back in Dirths Pestle.

Back to Therissa!

5.City of Therissa(228,129)
Back in the city go claim your reward at D&L Armor which is some gold
and a random semi rare card for your account!
If you have enough gold and are at least level 10, you can purchase the
compass and quest log book but you can't finish the first quest in it yet
so you can pick that up later.

Next let's go check out the cave the man at D&L claimed to have found the
TTA card. He said it was to the east of the city so let's go find it!

6.Lost Dungeon(312,107) - 10 treasure chests
Floor| (Treasures ) | Stairs Down | Stairs Up
1| (20,2)(44,20)| 16,38| 0,0
2| (48,3)(2,17)| 3,8| 41,25
3| (11,37)(48,5)| 31,18| 20,30
4| (17,21)(36,3)| 45,4| 1,27
5| (27,3)(49,49)| 4,17| 25,25

We have entered our first dungeon :o. The goal is to collect all the
treasure chests and work your way to the bottom. Be sure to grab all the
chests, one has a statue you will need very shortly. On the fifth floor you
will face another cardmaster thus gaining another quest card for your account.
You receive your second gem and TTA quest card!!

Thats all we can do here for now so head back to the top floor and out
and make your way back to the city of Therissa.

7.City of Therissa(228,129)
When you get back to the city you can rest up. You may want to make the trip
to Mordain to get some newer weapons/armor but that is up to you.
Visit Kei Park in Therissa and a man approaches you and gives you a second
statue and tells you to seek out the ferry master in the north east.
Before you leave buy the compass and quest log book if you havent already
and lets be on our way!!

8.Ferry Master(478,450)
When you finally reach the ferry master and explain your situation he
asks that you help him in return for helping you. He asks that you collect
an item that was stolen from him by the dark forest demon. Time to go
find the demon lair!!

9.Lair of the Forest Demon(285,403)
Enter the lair and slay the demon. You will receive the Shield of Rein
which the ferry master is eager to get back. Head back to him now.

10.Ferry Master(478,450)
Retuning the shield to him will get you some gold and his help to cross
the water. There is a random chance you will become shark feed on your
way across but keep trying!! Eventually you will make it across.

11.Island Fortress(499,499)
Finally getting across the water enter the island fortress and face
off against the cardmaster. Defeating him yields a third gem and quest card.
You receive your third gem and TTA quest card!!
Defeating him opens the sanctuary in which you can use a portal to move
around if you like ;). Before we leave however we can do the first quest
in our quest log book. Head down the old path on the island to the cave entrance.

12.Island Dungeon(500,500) - 5 treasure chests
Floor| (Treasures)| Stairs Down| Stairs Up
1| (54,14)(8,65)| 64,61| 0,0
2| (72,59)(44,21)| 67,75| 11,12
3| (15,7)| X| 74,71

Again be sure to get all the chests on your way down to the third floor.
Once at the bottom you will face Alderack, a feared cyclops. Defeat him
and remove his eye and work your way out of the Island Dungeon. Once out
you can use the sanctuary to go back to Therissa or walk if you like.

13.City of Therissa(228,129)
Once back in Therissa visit the Travellers Tale and view your quest log
book for the next mission. It tells you to visit the old abandoned well
in Mordain and seek out some old ruins.
Off to Mordain!

14.Fortress of Mordain(54,8 ) - 5 treasure chests
Now would be a good time to upgrade your weapon and armor if you haven't
done so in a while. When you feel reested head to the old well and down the ladder.

Dungeon Floor| (Treasures)| Stairs Down| Stairs Up
1| (29,15)(21,74)| 72,67| 0,0
2| (18,24)(67,3)| 5,68| 50,50
3| (72,71)| X| 27,63

Again be sure to get all the chests on your way down to the third floor.
On the second floor you will find a rare gold coin which you will need
to start the 4th cardmaster quest. On the third floor you face the
possessed demon and upon winning you receive the necklace to complete
the second quest. Head back towards the entrance and back to Therissa.

15.City of Therissa(228,129)
Once back in Therissa visit the Travellers Tale and view your quest log
book for the next mission. It tells you to visit the lost dungeon and
uncover a secret passage to the next level.
Off to the Lost Dungeon!

16.Lost Dungeon(312,107)
Floor| (Treasures)| Stairs Down| Stairs Up
1| none| 16,38| 0,0
2| none| 3,8| 41,25
3| none| 31,18| 20,30
4| none| 45,4| 1,27
5| none| 4,17| 25,25
6| (42,45)| X| 26,7

Work your way to the bottom once again and this time you find a trap
door to the 6th level. There you will find a mystic with a secret book.
Defeat him and claim your prize then head back to the entrance and out.
Head once again back to Therissa.

17.City of Therissa(228,129)
Report back to the Travellers Tale to see that you now have received
the scanner!! This is a great tool you can use to scan and attack other
players in the field. Visit the graveyard to witness the rare gold coin you
picked up react with the mausoleum door, opening a passage.
Inside you find a riddle and a location for something

A blind bat is truly not blind..
A quiet mouse is not always so quiet..
In the land of mountains, bravery is the key.
You must truly search at one eighty five, four hundred and three.

Lets go check it out!!

18.Fortress of Galahan(185,403) - 19 treasure chests
When you enter right away you are given a puzzle and three choices.
Platform #3 will open the fortress entrance while the other two options
will send you to your death. Once you have the door open, enter the fortress.

Dungeon Floor| (Treasures)| Stairs Down|Stairs Up
1| (6,39)(17,34)(54,63)| 72,60| 0,0
2| (6,8 )(63,6)(18,71)| 52,55| 14,42
3| (27,68 )(74,74)(41,8 )| 61,19| 17,53
4| (22,17)(57,37)(6,68 )| 11,59| 41,63
5| (21,57)(19,69)(61,41)|72,58| 6,1
6| (50,74)(18,33)(41,10) |68,2| 33,70
7| (8,70)| X| 1,1

*Gal Spring - lev3(50,50) && lev6(33,60)
**Gal Item Shop - Lev5(9,66)

This dungeon is a bit bigger then the previous and also three chests
per floor. It also has two underground springs worth checking out and
as well its own item shop buried within its depths.
At the bottom you will face the wizard Janai and his evil. Defeating
him will yield your fourth gem and quest card.
You receive your fourth gem and TTA quest card!!

Work your way back to the entrance again and note the sanctuary has
now appeared here as well. Hop in and warp yourself now to Mordain.

19.Fortress of Mordain(54,8 )
Talking with the bar patrons here you will notice that they speak
of a city in the far north. Time to go exploring!!

20.City of Valari(33,458)
Enter the city of the dead and be sure to look around. There are
more weapon and armor upgrades available and some new items as well.
Now go down Tunnel #6 where the man rants on about you needing the help
of the mystic to continue on. We'll have to see him in Mordain.
Let's go see the mystic.
If you are a magic user as well you might want to think about collecting
some spells. The guy in Tunnel #13 has a series of tasks he needs done
and can reward you by selling you various magic scrolls. Some of these can be done now.

Task 1 - Deliver a note to the Inn Keeper in Therissa.
spell unlocked - Cura
Task 2 - Bring back the root found at the entrance to the Island Dungeon.
spell unlocked - Exit
Task 3 - Return an item buried on the 3rd floor of the Lost Dungeon (0,0 Floor 3).
spell unlocked - Antidote

|After visiting the mystic and meeting Runhar|
Task 4 - Return an item from Runhar the magician (78,372).
spell unlocked - Gravity
Task 5 - Bring back some spring water from the Galahan Dungeon (50,50 Floor 3).
spell unlocked - Protect

|After completing Valari dungeon|
Task 6 - Bring back fungus that grows in a swamp south of Therissa (351,17).
spell unlocked - Poison
Task 7 - Bring back an old chalice from the Ruin Dungeon in Mordain.(72,71 floor 3)
spell unlocked - Osmose

|After gaining entrance to Mage Mountain|
Task 8 - Bring back some soil from the graveyard in Mage Mountain.
spell unlocked - Holy
Task 9 - Bring the ferry master some supplies.
spell unlocked - Drain
Task 10 - Bring back some water from the srping in the Valari Dungeon (26,45 floor 6).
spell unlocked - Comet

21.Fortress of Mordain(54,8 )
When you enter to see the mystic he in turn sends you out on a mission
to the residence of Runhar the Magician. He asks you go see Runhar then return.
There is hints in the Therissa tavern as to the whereabouts of his residence.

22.Runhar the Magician(78,372)
You finally come upon the old magician who confesses to bringing you here
and his purpose behind it. Kind of a revelation :o. After his speech he is
gone, and you can return to the mystic, who in turn gives you a skeleton key
which will open the dungeon in Tunnel #10 in Valari.
Back to Valari!!

23.City of Valari(33,458) - 17 treasure chests

Floor| Treasures| Stairs Down|Stairs Up
1| (24,28 )(68,57)| 47,62| 0,0
2| (50,50)(68,22)| 72,65| 11,71
3| (17,44)(3,71)(41,65)| 38,67| 66,9
4| (2,31)(62,58 )(55,22)|63,12| 24,75
5| (18,71)(70,25)(42,66) |62,53| 12,6
6| (4,3)(2,71)(72,74)| 71,3| 49,49
7| (63,6)| X| 21,62

*Val Spring - Lev3(21,18 ) && lev6(26,45)

When you get to the bottom you will face Xyphos one of the card masters.
Defeating him will yield your 5th gem and quest card.
You receive your fifth gem and TTA quest card!!
Work your way back to the entrance or cast exit if you have the spell ;)

See Part 2 for continuation of quest ...
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Re: TTA Quest Guide Part 1 **SPOILER**

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24.City of Valari(33,458 )
Next is a series of missions that can be done in different ways that will
affect your character alignment. Maybe you wish to be good or evil, your
actions will decide while there is more than one way to complete a mission.

The first mission starts in Tunnel #3 in Valari where a mother of a sick
child asks for your help. She needs you to go see Dirth the alchemist in
Therissa as she cannot leave her sick child.You can choose to help her or
kill her and end the mission right there, your choice. Lets choose to help.

25.City of Therissa(228,129)
When you go to talk to dirth about the medicine he explains that he can help
you but he is going to need some Jinji Moss which is found in a swamp in the
south west of Therissa. We need to go find the moss to make the medicine.

Here you come across a nest made out of Jinji Moss. Again your decisions
affect your alignment but any will net you some Jinji Moss.
Return now to Dirth in Therissa. He makes the medicine for you at no fee.
There is a person who is also willing to pay you 15,000 gold for your medicine.
Ignoring the offer and returning to Valari with the medicine the woman rewards
you with 500 silver and a copper ring. Job well done!! Her child is saved.
The next mission is a little tricky to find but it starts in Mordain.

27.Fortress of Mordain(54,8 )
If you enter the tavern and notice a new option Demand Some Food, you are
told that the deliveries have stopped coming from the farmer to the west.
Sounds like something to check out!

28.Farmers House(11,17)
As you enter you find the farmer distrought over the kidnapping of his wife
by the mages. He tells you they took her to thier village in the north.
You have the option here again to help him or rob him blind but again lets help.

29.Mage Mountain Village(24,203)
When you enter the village head to the Conclave to find the kidnapped woman.
Do nothing else but free her or else she will die. When you have rescued her
she wishes to be taken back home to her husband.

30.Farmers House(11,17)
When you bring her back home
the farmer rewards you with his lucky horseshoe. Job Well done!
Now lets go explore Mage Mountain a little better.

*Side Note*
You probably should be trying out newer classes available to you in Therissa is you haven't been already. There is a point later in the game where you will require 20 dark skill points, which means you have to level 20 times as a wizard or magus. Be sure to think about this now rather than later when you have tons of fighting skill but nothing else.
Just a helpful tip ;)

31.Mage Mountain Village(24,203)
Check around the village to learn more about magic and be sure to stop
by the wizards tonic and ask about other information. You are told of a
place where nomads and outlanders gather. Sounds like just the plce to visit!

32.Quests-R Us(250,250)
Upon entering you are told that in order to seek their help you must first
visit Master Yinef in Valari at the Red Dragon. After his blessing they
send you on a mission to the Dark Tower in Mordain to face Katu the Shadow Dragon.

33.Fortress of Mordain(54,8 ) - 10 treasure chests
When you reach Mordain make sure to rest and stock up then go to the dark tower.
You are faced with another riddle in which you must arrange the tiles to form
a word. The word is MASSACRE. Upon doing this you hear a click and the door is open.

Floor| (Treasures)| Stairs Up| Stairs Down

1| (44,8 )| 27,41| 0,0
2| none| 32,2| 11,21
3| (33,18 )| 40,48| 2,49
4| none| 3,38| 19,14
5| (44,38 )(18,11)(1,4)(47,2)| 45,6| 39,31
6| none| 33,33| 23,8
7| none| 45,26| 9,41
8| (36,41)| 45,38| 3,19
9 | (23,18 )(47,37)| 36,49| 2,2
10| (36,39)| X| 7,47

Work your way to the top and defeat Katu the Shadow Dragon.
When this is complete return to Quests R Us.

34.Quests-R Us(250,250)
Now that you have reported Katu slain and your test of bravery complete,
he sends you on a test of intelligence and tells you to go to the library
in Therissa.

35.City of Therissa(228,129)
Enter the library and follow the librarian to the back. He gives you three choices.
Each will affect your alignment in different ways. The key is the word is hidden
within each title ex. SHORTLY or sHOrtLY or Holy.
Make your choice then proceed back to Quests R Us.

36.Quests-R Us(250,250)
After reporting your deed complete you asked to fulfill the final test
of compassion and told to go to Mage Mountain Village.

37.Mage Mountain Village(24,203)
If you visit the side alley which was empty before you notice a man begging for money
giving a story about losing all his paycheck gambling. Again its totally up to you
if you want to help him but if you do it will cost you %5 of your gold.
Return back to Quests R Us when you have done whatever your going to do.

38.Quests-R Us(250,250)
After reporting your last task complete he says he has no new tasks at this time for you
but wants you to meet someone in mage mountain at the village fountain in his place.
So off to mage mountain once again.

39.Mage Mountain Village(24,203)
The man at the fountain has a request that you kill the chancellor in Valari.
Again what you want to do here is up to you. You can accept, go kill him
and earn 5000 gold, or you can refuse the mission flat out which is the way
I am going here so I received the Green Gem.

I recommending visiting all the towns now again and upgrading what you can
while doing this you might notice the shovel is now for sale in Therissa.
Buying this opens a 4th mission in your logbook.
It tells you to seek out an evil crypt north of Mordain so time to go hunting for it!

40.Mordain Crypt(56,103)
Finally reaching the crypt you dig up a small medallion with the mark
of Runhar that old magician. Maybe he can give you a clue to this place.

41.Runhar the Magician(78,372)
Whe you bring back the medallion he gives you a hint that he lost it near Valari
but hmm how did it make its way to the crypt?? He is thankful you returned it
and upgrades your scanner so you can now scan players as well as attack them.
Guess we need to visit Valari to figure out the mystery of the coin.

42.City of Valari(33,458 )
If you visit the tavern now they talk of the crypt as an evil and dangerous place
but offer not much help. Maybe the mages can help:)

43.Mage Mountain Village(24,203)
Again at the tavern they talk of the crypt and about a witch who lives
in the north east who knows more. Guess we need to go find her.

44.The Witch's House(232,267)
The witch decides a liitle riddle is in order. You can try to guess or try to
kill her instead. The answer to the riddle is 'Moon' or 'The Moon'.
Answering the riddle or killing her both yields the crypt key but of course
needless killing only drops your aligment. Off to the Mordain Crypt!!

45.Mordain Crypt(56,103) - 10 treasure chests

Floor| (Treasures) Stairs Down|Stairs Up
1| (7,18 )(49,47)(24,81)(87,84)|81,63 |0,0
2| (48,47)(98,87)(7,17)| 1,3| 37,26
3| (52,61)(34,76)| 9,16| 86,5
4| (1,5)| X| 1,1

Make sure to get all the chests. One has 1000 TTA points, two others have some
dragonite which is an important item. Work your way to the third floor.
On the third floor you will fight the King Demon and will receive the gold orb when
you win. Then you notice three portals appear. It really dosent matter which you choose,
your odds are 1/3 you will be teleported down one floor, 2/3 odds to the crypt entrance.

**Don't give up until you make it to the fourth floor for a final item
the Undead Ring. Once you have this item you can leave the crypt.**

46.City Of Therissa(228,129)
The man who sits in the back of Travellers Tale now has some information
regarding your dragonite that you have picked up. Also saying he has heard rumor
of some in the west wood just west of Therissa. Let's investigate.

47.West Wood(155,129)
Coming across a stream out here you pick up a third piece of dragonite !!
Lets check the other towns for clues.

48.Mage Mountain Village(24,203)
Once we have 3 pieces of Dragonite AND the ring of the undead we can proceed
past the upper path here to the Palace Of Turin. Our next gem and quest card
is coming up.

49.Palace Of Turin(24,203) - 20 treasure chests

Floor| (Treasures)| Stairs Up| Stairs Down
1| (18,87)(56,17)| 76,8| 0,0
2| (32,91)(68,21)| 75,75| 9,77
3| (7,18 )(87,32)(66,64)|22,87| 13,49
4| (98,2)(54,68 )| 27,77| 61,11
5| (22,81)| 3,7| 37,20
6| (1,19)(68,7)(89,78 )| 94,99| 16,91
7| (88,88 )(27,74)| 14,86| 62,42
8| (7,32)(79,95)| 88,17| 38,50
9| (42,38 )(68,11)| 97,97| 3,9
10| (22,8 )| X| 79,54

You will have to face "the sinister" which will impede you on your quest
by moving you back. This is a random occurance. At the bottom you will face off
against Turin the Black Mage. Defeat him to gain your 6th gem and quest card.
You receive the 6th gem and quest card !!
Now exit out of this place and head back to Therissa.

50.City of Therissa(228,129)
Search around town for any clues and it wont be long before you find some.
At the tavern they talk about how Galahan used to be and seeing it restored.
There is also a man in Kei Park that wishes to make his way back to Galahan
but needs someone to help rebuild it. Lets move on to another city now.

51.Mordain(54,8 )
A visit to the mystic yields a miniquest to retrieve a gauntlet from the dark tower.

Dungeon Floor| (Treasures)|Stairs Up| Stairs Down
1| none| 27,41| 0,0
2| none| 32,2| 11,21
3| none| 40,48| 2,49
4| none| 3,38| 19,14
5 | none| 45,6| 39,31
6| none| 33,33| 23,8
7| none| 45,26| 9,41
8| none| 45,38| 3,19
9 | none| 36,49| 2,2
10| (36,39) X| 7,47

Where Katu was before an alter now resides with a gauntlet sitting on it.
You snatch up the gauntlet and equip it giving you double attack against dragons !!

You also discover a secret compartment where in sits a book! You snatch that up too.
Looking at the book you get your first mission.

52.City of Therissa(228,129)
The book reveals that you must find someone to lead the rebuilding of Galahan.
Remember the guy in Kei park? Lets go back and see him.
He is happy to hear of your plans and agrees to help but explains that you will need
help to restore Galahan.He asks that you find some help to rebuild.

53.Mordain(54,8 )
Entering the Stone Mason house now he is happy to help in the rebuiding.
To start construction however he explains that he is going to need some plans
and a building permit. Head off to search them out.

54.Mage Mountain Village(24,203)
The architect offers to sell you plans for 10,000 gold and the permit can be
picked up at city hall for another 2000 gold. Get them and return to the
stone masons.

55.Mordain(54,8 )
As soon as you enter he asks that you directly go see Jorgen at the Miners Guild.
Talking to Jorgen he reveals that they have a scout missing, one piece of a map,
and want you to collect the other three pieces and find the missing scout.
He gives you the first piece and sends you on your way.


Once you have all four pieces retuen to Jorgen and the whole map reveals the location
of the secret mine where the scout went missing. Go retrieve the missing scout.

56.Secret Mine(482,14)
Here you find the missing scout finally, and with no way to enter the mine at the
moment, your best bet is to return the scout back to the miners guild.
You are welcomed back by the miners and they in turn will help you with
obtaining some marble and granite needed for construction.
Be sure to buy a mining tool and a locator before heading off in search of a mine
that is located in the east as told by the man in the mineral exchange in Mordain.

57.Marble Mine(275,59)
When you make it to the mine you meet Vangoth outside. He explains that the mine
has been taken over by monsters and he asks if you can clear them out.
You will require a mining tool and locator sold back in Mordain in order to enter this place.
You will have to beat all the monsters on one floor before you can proceed to the next one.
The stairs will not appear until that time. Happy Hunting :o

1st Floor Monsters(monsters-33)
1,23 9,11 15,16 18,2 23,17
2,12 9,23 15,19 19,22 23,24
2,21 10,6 15,23 20,15 24,4
3,14 11,7 16,6 20,25 24,7
4,5 11,15 16,14 21,17 25,13
5,4 11,19 17,5 22,3
8,18 14,3 17,23 22,5

portal to 2 - 21,12
portal to 1 - 2,15

2nd Floor Monsters(monsters-67)
1,13 6,3 8,5 11,4 15,20 20,1 23,16
1,17 6,5 8,12 11,5 16,8 20,8 23,22
1,23 6,9 8,13 11,15 16,24 20,18 24,18
2,12 6,13 9,1 11,16 17,2 21,5 24,19
3,2 6,20 9,6 12,2 17,4 21,13 24,21
3,25 6,25 9,8 12,3 18,2 21,22 25,8
4,3 7,2 9,19 12,19 18,16 22,2 25,20
4,6 7,14 10,16 13,4 18,22 22,4
5,16 7,15 10,18 13,10 19,18 22,21
5,23 7,20 10,23 14,6 19,21 22,25

portal to 3 - 22,7
portal to 2 - 6,16

3RD Floor Monsters(monsters-99)
1,4 4,22 8,9 11,5 15,16 19,6 23,4
1,12 4,23 8,10 11,6 15,21 19,13 23,12
1,14 5,6 8,12 11,9 15,22 19,25 23,19
1,22 5,13 8,13 11,21 15,23 20,3 24,24
2,6 5,14 8,15 12,5 16,2 20,9 24,25
2,10 5,16 8,23 12,8 16,22 20,17 25,11
2,15 6,2 9,4 13,18 16,25 21,6 25,13
2,21 6,7 9,8 13,21 17,7 21,10 25,18
2,25 6,21 9,9 13,25 17,11 21,13 25,22
3,11 7,5 9,13 14,5 17,24 21,22
3,19 7,6 9,14 14,10 18,2 21,23
3,22 7,8 9,20 14,18 18,6 21,24
3,23 7,15 10,20 14,19 18,25 22,3
3,25 7,17 10,21 14,24 19,3 22,19
4,16 7,23 10,23 15,4 19,4 23,3

Final Boss - 5,22

Now that you have finally cleared out the mine also make sure you have at least
1000 pieces of Marble. If not go back in and find some more.
When you exit you will notice a small mining shed where you can enter the portal.

58.Mordain(54,8 )
The miners now speak of a Granite mine which is far to the northeast.
That will be our next stop.

59.Granite Mine(200,351)
When you get to the Granite Mine, Jondack is sitting outside with a request.
It appears mining supplies have been stolen and he asks for your help in getting them
back. He gives you a hint that tracks head towards the Fortress of Galahan.
You cannot enter the mine at this time anyway, so let's help him and find his supplies.

60.Fortress Of Galahan(185,403)
Reis is waiting for you. He says that the equipment was likely stolen by thieves
and that you should check the other cities for clues.

see part 3 for continuation..
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Re: TTA Quest Guide Part 1 **SPOILER**

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61.City of Valari(33,458 )
Going into tunnel #6 yields a partial note that you find. It has whats left of a location on it.
xx2,x9x is the x,y co-ordinates so lets head out to find out !!

62.Abandoned Building(442,191)
Entering the building you come across the Rogue Thief who has taken the supplies.
Defeat him and bring the missing booty back to Jondack at the Granite Mine.

63.Granite Mine(200,351)
This mine is kind of easy. Its totally void of monsters, just some insects to poison you.
You will need to mine at least 1000 pieces of Granite before you can leave.

64.Mordain(54,8 )
Now that you have the Marble and Granite that you will need, go see Reulsphar at
the sturdy stoneworks in Mordain. He will thank you and be on his way to start the construction
on the new city hall in Galahan.

65.Fortress of Galahan(185,403)
When you arrive in Galahan you notice the city hall is now constructed and a monster arena started.
Entering city hall you are greeted by Reis who asks you if you can locate a man named Jalk for him
to run the monster arena.

66.Abandoned Building(246,103)
Jalk can be found here as he relaxes out side. You explain that Reis is looking for him to
come to Galahan and he packs some stuff and goes off to meet Reis. Return to Galahan now.

67.Fortress of Galahan(185,403)
When you arrive in Galahan and go see Reis he thanks you for finding Jalk and the monster arena now opens.
He asks if you will help find three more people to run the weapon, armor, and item shops.
You can now head off and search for them.

Upon entering you are greeted by a female samurai named Emilia who is hunting for the card master Janai.
You explain that Janai is slain already and ask if she would like to go back to Galahan with you to which
she replies yes. She will open up the Jagged Blade Weapon Shop. Off to search for the next person!

If you enter the travellers Tale and speak to the grouchy man in the back, he reveals that his name is Mason
and he would like to help in your efforts to rebuild. He heads off to Galahan to open the Golden Tunic armor shop.

70.City of Valari(33,458 )
As you eneter tunnel #6 in Valari you are greeted by a woman named Shurana who is looking to set up an item shop
somewhere. Luckily she is more than willing to go to Galahan to open up there. She opens the Mystic items Shop.

71.Fortress of Galahan(185,403)
The three new shops are now open for business and Reis sends you off to find two more people.
One to open a bank, another to open an exchange in Galahan.

72.City of Valari(33,458 )
In tunnel #5 in the bank, a man named Garreth says that he has heard of your endevours to rebuild
Galahan and he would like to open a bank in Galahan. He opens up the world bank.

73.Mage Mountain(24,203)
In the exchange here you find a woman named Amanda who is willing to open the exchange in Galahan.

74.Fortress of Galahan(185,403)
Now with 7 things open by this point, Reis asks that you find two more people to run the Inn and Tavern.

75.Mordain(54,8 )
In the Eagle Eye Tavern you meet a man named Kran who wants to open a tavern in Galahan.
He opens up the Thirsty Mare.

76.Mordain(54,8 )
In the temple of Sollis you find Karon who wants to set up an Inn in Galahan. Her only vice is that
she asks that you take her by foot, as she cannot use the sanctuary. So escort her :)

77.Fortress of Galahan(185,403)
When you return to Galahan and speak with Reis he thanks you for helping him in rebuilding Galahan.
He rewards you with 1000 TTA Points + a new quest card and your 7th gem !!

78.If you visit Jorgen back at the miners guild at this point he tells you that the miners
have finally gained access to the mine where you rescued the scout. The miners have all left for
the mine and you should follow their lead and go there yourself.

78.Elemental Mine(482,14) - 8 treasure chests
Floor| Treasures Stairs Down|Stairs Up
1|(15,32)(71,6)(81,92)(65,43)| 67,51| 0,0
2| (17,71)(35,52)(64,86)|12,88| 22,76
3| (21,38 )| X| 91,44

At the underground spring at the bottom you will find the ruby key, your main reason for coming here.
Once you have it head to the entrance or hang around and mine some minerals if you like. Head out
when you are ready to leave.

79.Runhar the Magician(78,372)
If you go see Runhar he remarks about the ruby key and tells you tales about a secret chamber in the catacombs
under greymist. After talking to him, you will be able to enter the emerald tower in mage mountain.

80.Mage Mountain(24,203) - 10 treasure chests

Floor (Treasures)|Stairs Up|Stairs Down
1 none| 17,37 0,0
2 (3,6)(40,11)| 36,7 11,44
3 (40,14)| 23,47 21,18
4 none| 6,12 30,30
5 (9,36)(22,22)(36,2)|42,39 3,7
6 none| 1,1 41,40
7 (42,1)(17,22)(3,41)|5,48 36,28
8 (3,5)| X 25,25

At the top you will find the Emerald Key. Snatch it up and head back out :)

81.Runhar the Magician(78,372)
Now that you have the emerald key, Runhar will open the way to Greymist via the portals.
Head back to the sanctuary and hop in the portal to the Fortress of Greymist.

82.Fortress Of Greymist(499,2)
Make sure to look around and check out the usual shops. You can upgrade your weapon and armor,
rest at the Inn, visit the tavern for some info, and set bounties on other players.
Make sure to check out the old cathedral where you notice that you have two of the 4 keys needed
to gain entry behind the old door. There is also some labyrinth ruins here that you notice locked as well.
This is where your third key is, time to figure out how to gain entry.
If you visit the gardens there is a man who wants to speak with you, but not here in greymist.
He insists that you meet him in the gardens in Mordain.

83.Mordain (54,8 )
He is here waiting for you in Mordain in the fortress gardens. He tells you that a rogue thief you dealt
with earlier (see 62) had stolen a precious amulet from him and asks if you will retrieve it.

84.Abandoned Building(442,191)
As soon as you enter you spy the amulet and snatch it up. Funny how that wasen't here before =p
Lets take it back to the man who is back in Greymist.

85.Fortress Of Greymist(499,2)
When you bring back the amulet you are rewarded with a waterfall coin. If you take the coin to the bell
tower you see you coin does nothing. maybe if you found a waterfall.!
There is one here in town but it wont be that easy. First you must travel to Mage Mountain and go to
the village fountain. Here you are given the option of tossing your coin in, do so and then go back to Greymist.
When you visit the fountain here after you have tossed the waterfall coin a lions head coin will appear.
This is one of the items needed at the bell tower. Take it there and notice it slide into the wall.
Two more coins to get!

86.Fortress Of Greymist(499,2)
If you visit the barracks you will find a handbook on hand to hand combat techniques.
After obtaining this item, go visit the Red Dragon dojo in Valari.

87.City of Valari(33,458 )
If you visit the monk in Valari and 'learn combat moves' he asks to see your book.
Of course give it to him and he will instruct you to visit quests-r-us on his behalf.
Easy right? well there is a catch, you will have to walk, you are blocked from using the portals.

88.Quests-R Us(250,250)
They welcome you at the remote outpost in place of the old monk. They need you to retrieve
an old text from the Emerald Tower offering a reward for its return.
Yes you will have to walk ;)

89.Mage Mountain(24,203)
Here in Mage Mountain lies the emerald tower, a place you visited not long ago.
You need to get to the 6th floor (12,11) to obtain the text. After you have it, take it back to

90.Quests-R Us(250,250)
You are rewarded with lots of gold for helping out, lets take the good news back to the monk.
You did attend on his behalf anyway.

91.City of Valari(33,458 )
If you talk about your quest with the monk you are given a Tree Coin.
Take the tree coin back to Greymist now. You can use portals once again now. =)

92.Fortress Of Greymist(499,2)
At the bell tower you see your second coin slides into the wall only leaving you one more to find.
Visit the Oracle right here in Greymist.
He talks about final awakenings and asks you to go to the Palace of Turin (mage Mountain)
to find a secret item hidden away in a secret room :o

93.Palace Of Turin(24,203)
You need to make your way to the inner chamber 22,8 on floor 10.
Here you will find the Archmage Ring. Go back and visit the Oracle now.

94.Fortress Of Greymist(499,2)
He informs you that you hold the power to awaken the dead. Hmmm and there is a graveyard in town.
If you enter the graveyard at this point a boney hand will push up the third needed coin ;)
Take the coin back to the bell tower. Now with all three coins in place the bell begins ringing
which causes the entrance to the labyrinth to open up. Now you can go after that third key!

95.Labyrinth - 16 treasure chests
Floor| (Treasures)|Stairs Down|Stairs Up
1| (41,71)(68,23)| 83,11| 0,0
2 |(72,34) | 14,3| 37,71
3 |(17,1)(38,81)(91,90)| 82,66| 64,32
4 |(82,32) | 86,71| 14,72
5 |(16,15)(96,4)| 41,2| 76,36
6 |(84,29) | 14,92| 50,46
7 |(60,30) | 36,24| 24,27
8 |(73,24)(22,89)| 5,46| 90,32
9 |(78,17)(50,67)| 15,19| 46,12
10| (66,6)| X| 23,7

At the bottom you will find the sapphire key. Your third key. One more to find.
Now head to Galahan, the town you helped rebuild. the monster arena is at long last open
and waiting for you.

96.Fortress Of Galahan(185,403)
In the monster arena Jalk is waiting for you. He tells you you need two things to capture monsters
for the arena. The first is a Soul Trap spell which is in the Dark Owl in Mage Mountain.
You must enter the dark owl as a magus class and the spell will be available for you to buy.

The second thing you need Jalk tells you is soul gems which can be purchased in Galahan at Mystic Items.
Each gem type represents each class of monster that can be captured. Buy a few of each and as you run out
you can always come back to buy more. Now when you encounter monsters outside you will be given the option
to capture them if they can be captured.
As you capture monsters, 'bosses' will become unlocked. These will now appear on the world map to fight as well.
When you have captured 75 monsters you will be awarded the Amethyst key, your fourth and final key.
Now that you have all four keys you can unlock the door at the Old Cathedral in Greymist.

97.Catacombs Of Greymist(499,2) - 15 treasure chests
Enter the Old Cathedral and with all 4 keys you now have access to the final dungeon, The Catacombs.

Floor| (Treasures)| Stairs Down|Stairs Up
1| (23,132) | 144,63| 0,0
2| none| 17,87| 119,37
3| (55,60) | 130,120| 4,99
4| (117,32)(16,100)| 80,81| 27,91
5| (142,130)(36,111)| 120,52| 11,14
6| none| 17,96| 99,76
7| (77,103)(31,31)| 78,11| 135,144
8| none| 20,138| 91,20
9| none| 7,6| 61,40
10| (41,107)(1,2)(148,18 )| 58,112| 103,31
11|none| 111,14| 38,82
12| (63,22)(17,99)| 8,80| 87,100
13|none| 33,33| 71,20
14| (147,41)| 122,90| 11,18
15| (81,80)| X| 114,5

After you have made it to the bottom floor and defeat the boss, you are awarded your 8th
and final gem plus a Dhoulmagus card.
You receive your eigth gem and TTA quest card!!

**hunt side quest**
After completing the catacombs there is an optional side quest involving monster hunts.
The rewards are decent plus you can make some higher level cards for your account.
To begin, visit the monster arena in Galahan where you will find a notice to check out Quests-r-us.
Then go to Quests-r-us and check out the notice board.
There are 3 level four hunts available to begin with, and you must read each posting before
looking for the petitioner.

1.Garuda(Rank IV)
The petitioner is Jamala who can be found at the conclave in Mage Mountain.
Once you accept the petition travel to 18,27 on the world map to find Garuda.
Once you defeat him return back to Jamala and you receive 75000 gold + Garuda card.

2.Exodus(Rank IV)
The petitioner is Mida who can be found in the casino in Therissa.
Once you accept the petition travel to the lost Dungeon(312,107) and make your way to
(4,32) on floor 5. Exodus will only show himself if you have less than 2000 HP, then you can kill it.
Once you defeat him return back to Mida and you receive 55000 gold + Exodus card.

3.Jinn(Rank IV)
The petitioner for this hunt is Raja who can be found at JoJo's which is the item shop located
in the Galahan Dungeon itself(9,66) on floor 5. Once you accept the petition travel to the elemental mine.
Jinn is located at 94,97 on floor three. Once you defeat him return to see Raja and collect
100,000 gold + Jinn card.

Return to the notice board back in Quests-r-us. You have unlocked 5 more monster hunts..

4.Salamander(Rank V)
The petitioner for this hunt is Tauris. He can be found in the granite mine at 83,11 on floor 3.
Once you accept the petition you can find Salamander in the swamp (357,18 ) on the world map.
When he is defeated return to see Tauris to receive 115,000 gold and the Salamander card.

5.Red Wizard(Rank V)
The petitioner for this hunt is Orleau who can be found in Greymist at the Tavern.
Choose the link 'Talk to the Patron'. The drunken man wants you to defeat the Red Wizard.
Once you accept the petition the wizard be found at 8,3 on floor 3 of the dark crypt(56,103).
Once he is defeated return to see Orleau who gives you 80000 gold + the red wizard card.

6.Hades(Rank V)
The petitioner for this hunt is Cara who is in tunnel #6 in Valari.Once you accept the petition,
she tells you Hades can be hunted near the underground spring in the Valari Dungeon.
There is a twist also, you must be poisoned for Hades to appear,(32,50) on floor 6.
Once he is defeated, return to see Cara to claim 150,000 gold + Hades card.

7.Titan(Rank V)
The petitioner for this hunt is Siralis who is a miner, start by checking with the jorgen
and the miners in Mordain, you will be told he is off mining in the elemental mine.
You can find him there at (1,1) on floor 3. Once you accept the petition you can find Titan
at (9,17) on floor 3 of the marble mine. Once he is defeated, return and see Siralis and receive
115,000 gold + Titan card(FFT).

8.Eden(Rank V)
The petitioner for this hunt is Reis who is in city hall in Galahan. Once you accept the petition
you are told Eden roams the palace of Turin. You can find eden at 64,72 on floor 6 on the palace.
Once he is defeated, return to see Reis and receive 200,000 gold + Eden card(FF8).

The level VI hunts are now unlocked..

9.Anima(Rank VI)
The petitioner for this hunt is Selesa who is at the barracks in Greymist. Visit him
to accept the petition, and you learn that Anima dwells in the labyrinths of Greymist.
You can find Anima at location 8,5 on floor 9, but you must also be of the 'Assassin' class in order
for Anima to appear as stated by the petitioner 'Only the dealer of death will defeat this mark'.
Once you beat him return to Selesa and for your efforts you get 220,000 gold + the Anima card (FFX)

10.Dalamar Nightson(Rank VI)
The petitioner for this hunt is Kinal who is the mystic in Mordain. Visit him
to accept the petition. You learn that an evil wizard Dalamar Nightson lies 'in the belly of the Dark Crypt'
Head to the dark(Mordain) crypt (56,103) on the map. You can find the wizard at 8,3 on floor 3.
When you defeat the mark, go back and see Kinal for your reward of 335,000 gold pieces + The Dalamar Knightson card.

11.Ultima(Rank VI)
The petitioner for this hunt is Zemzitt. He can be found at the bazzar in Mage Mountain.
He wants you to hunt down Ultima who resides in the dark tower in Mordain. You can find Ultima at 21,17 on the 10th floor.
Once you defeat your mark, go back and see Zemzitt who you reward you with 250,000 gold + Ultima card(FFXII)

12.Magus(Rank VI)
The petitioner for this hunt is Golog, who is actually the farmer who lives near Mordain (11,17).
He tells you that Magus 'roams the northern woods near to the lair of the forest demon'. Big area to look in.
You can find him at 272,375 on the world map. Once you have defeated him return to Golog for your reward of 250,000 gold pieces + the Magus card.

The level VII hunts are now unlocked..

13. Fury(Rank VII)
The petitioner for this hunt is Mihesea, she can be found in Greymist at the assassin guild.
She wants you to hunt the Fury who lurks in the dungeons of Galahan.
When you make your way to Jo-Jo's fine items inside the dungeon(9,66) 5th floor. you are told the fury has left for the lost Isle.
Leave and head to the island dungeon. On the second floor(1,7) you run into a witch who will tell you to go jump into a well.Hint! Mordain.
Travel to mordain and go down the old well to the ruin dungeon.On the third floor(8,3) you will find the fury mark.
For beating him you will receive the fury fragment which you can equip to increase you monster encounter rate on the world map. Sweet!
Once you report back to Mihesea you will also receive the Fury card and 250,000 gold pieces.
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