Hand tournaments and activities (join TTA discord, activity is there)

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Hand tournaments and activities (join TTA discord, activity is there)

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Hey everyone!

Just wanted to drop a message here on the forums to inform that I am running monthly/2-monthly hand tourneys and activities, just haven't made a post here at the forums. Why? Simply because almost all of the action is now at TTA discord. You can for example post a message at discord if you are looking for people to play with or join in the weekly activities (Golden boot and weekly open) and so on. Or just drop by to say hi.

BUT this post is mostly about the hand tournaments and activities. I have signups open for upcoming May-June card pair tournament (for 1 more day so might have to wait for the next one) and will have some more after that as well. Other people have been running tournaments as well since the reopening (at discord mostly).

Here is a link to the discord (my tourney/activity channels are #tez-hand-tourneys and "a trophy room channel" #hall-of-hands):


The best way to use discord is with the discord app / program. Very easy to use once you get the hang of it.

And emphasizing that this is not just a self-promo, there are a lot of channels on discord on differing topics and other people running tourneys, more clan activities potentially and so on. TTA is still alive and we all can make it so, even by just simply hanging around here and there or playing a game or two.~
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