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Game Rules

Points are needed to buy extra cards on TTA.
You can get points by several different ways:

*Playing games - see below for point amounts you get for playing.
*Selling duplicate cards - see Card Shop section.
*Point Transferring - see Card Trading section.

Here are the results of the number of points you receive after each game:

You Win = Win 20 points
You Tie = Win 12 points
You Lose = Win 6 points
Your Opponent Times Out = Win 20 points
You Time Out = You Lose 5 points

The Card:
Here is a Triple Triad card.

On it you will see 4 numbers in the upper left of the card. Each number represents that sides value e.g. a 7 on top means a card's value is 7 on the top side. The values vary from 1-10, with 10 being represented by an "A", with the higher the number the stronger the side it represents. In the upper right of the card you may see an "element", not all cards will have these, for more information on elements go HERE. In the example shown we see Rikku does not have an element.
Each card has a border and it reflects the level of the card. A grayish border means the card is in the level 1 -5 region. A gold border with right angle corners means the card is a level 6 or 7. A card with a gold border and with corners with little triangle edges is a level 8 or 9 card. A level 10 card is gold and has a special border, level 10s are the highest and most powerful cards in Triple Triad.

Playing Games
  -Open Vs. Closed:

A game must either be open or closed. To make an open game highlight the box below when creating a game.

Consequently, choose the other option if you wish to play a closed game.

If you want it to be random, select the random option.

Open: You are able to see your opponent's cards during the game.

Closed: You are unable to see your opponent's cards during the game. They are shown as flipped over cards.

It is recommended that players play both open and closed games to gain experience in both. Reminder: In open games do not forget your opponent can also see your cards too!

Trade Rules: *note: 20 wins are required to open up trade rules.

If trade is set to "None" it means none of this is applicable.
If the game results in a draw, this is also not applicable.

The winner of the game gets to select a card or cards from their opponent's cards chosen for the game. The number of cards is determined by the trade rule. Trade is a great way to obtain rare cards as well as gaining duplicate cards to sell for points. The rules are:

One: The winner may take one card from their opponent's hand.
Difference: The winner may take the number of cards equal to the value of the difference between both the player's scores. Example: If Player One won 7-3, Player One could take four cards from the opponent. The maximum number of cards allowed to be taken from the winner is five and the minimum being one.
All: The winner takes all the opponent's cards.

Random Card Rule:
Instead of choosing your cards this rule will do it for you.
It takes into account what levels and card decks that are selected in the game and randomly choose five cards for you.
Same thing happens with your opponent.

TTA Game Rules:
Below are explanations of the various possible game rules.

-> Basic Rules
-> Same Rule
-> Plus Rule
-> Samewall Rule
-> Pluswall Rule
-> Combo Rule
-> Elemental Rule

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