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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I just joined and I don't know what to do?
A: It is best to go HERE and read the very basics of TTA. Hope you enjoy your experience here.

Q: What is the value of A?
A: A = 10. For a better understanding of the cards go HERE.

Q: How many accounts am I allowed to make?
A: You are allowed to have two accounts at the most per IP address. You must abide by the Code Of Conduct
shown HERE in order to play at this site. If you have a sibling that wishes to play and you already have two accounts, please contact an admin so that we know, and don't delete all of your accounts.

Q: What is a CC?
A: CC = Usually stands for Custom Card. Go HERE for more information on custom cards.

Q: My friend wants me to trade my Squall for his bite bug, he says it is a good combo card. Is this a fair trade?
A: No way. For advice on trading, go here. To check out TTA's official price guide go HERE.

Q: I checked and I can't find a Fussy card. Where is it?
A: Fussy = FuSoYa. It is a rare card and has been given the nickname Fussy. Go HERE for information about rares.

Q: What is a n00b?
A: n00b = newbie. Somebody who is new to Triple Triad in general or just Triple Triad Advance.

Q: GL? Is that some sort of laugh?
A: GL = Good luck. A common thing to wish people before a game or during the beginning of a game. For information about in-game Chat and common courtesy go HERE.

Q: I can't get any AA cards in a regular pack. Am I just unlucky?
A: No you cannot get AA cards in regular packs. For more information about card packs go HERE.

Q: I joined a clan and they said to wear a tag. What are they talking about?
A: A tag is something for other players to recognize that you are a member of a certain clan. Different clans have different tags. For more information about clans go HERE.

Q: Spot 7? Is that a card or something?
A: No, Spot 7 is a location on the Triple Triad board. It is the bottom left hand corner spot. For more information about the Triple Triad Board go HERE.

Q: SE, I don't have any cards for it, where can I get some?
A: SE = Special Edition. A deck that comprises two sets of 11 cards (the level 10s of the ordinary FF8 and FF7 decks) and are very, very rare to obtain. Only the truly great will get these cards, usually in a huge official tournament. Good luck getting one.

Q: I'm at school and I can't play my friend across the room, what's up with that?
A: First off you should only play at school when you are allowed (or when you won't get in trouble). You are unable to play people who are on the same IP address as yourself. This is done to try and prevent people from playing themselves in two browsers or on two nearby computers.

Q: How do I go about unlocking the FF8 Rebirth deck?
A: By completing the FF8 deck (including the rares), or by reaching 500 wins.
For more information on unlocking decks go HERE.

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