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02h20m Thursday 18 April

TTA Auction House

The Auction House is a great place to pick up some extra cards and find some of those cards you have been missing ! Cards are randomly chosen by TTA script and put into auction. Players can then bid on those cards in auction. Once the timer reaches 0, the player with the highest bid wins the card !
Below is an example of a card in auction :

FF9 Level 2
You have 2
Current Bid: 5
Bidder: None
Time: 3 hours 45 mins
Status: Long

Each card has some information listed below it such as the ID# and name of the card, what level and deck it is from, how many of that card you may have, what the current high bid is and who has it, and how much time is left in auction.

When bidding on a card keep in mind you have to bid higher than the current bid, you cannot overbid yourself, and you must have at a minimum, the amount of points you bid available in your TTA account.
You cannot bid in the last minute of an auction !

After your bid, the points will be removed from your account and you will see your bid listed in the auction house.
If another player overbids you, your bid points are returned to your account, and you are sent a message from TTA saying you were overbid for that card. You have the option to bid again of course.
If the timer goes to 0 and you are successful in your bid, the card is added to your account and you are sent a message from TTA stating you won that card for X points.
You can bid on as many cards as you like and there is a total of 48 cards auctioned daily.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How come I can't bid on card X ?
A: Check the current bid and be sure you are bidding at least 1 point higher. Also make sure you have the TTA points to cover your bid and that the auction is not in the final minute.

Q: How come I can't bid in the last minute?
A: Couple of reasons, first of all trying to outbid someone in the last few seconds is lame-ish, secondly a new auction is started immediatly after that one ends and often people will end up bidding on the next card.

Q: Can I get rare cards/semirare cards ?
A: Rares are blocked from auction. Semi-rares can potentially be selected for auction.

Q: Who picks the cards for auction and gives them out?
A: TTA randomly picks the cards from all decks and levels. Everything is scripted and automatic, you will receive your card promptly at the end of auction.

Q: What's this about New, Long, Medium, and Short status?
A: Each auction is 8 hours long. The status is color coded and gives you a quick overview of all the cards in auction and any that may be close to finishing.

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