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A clan is a group of TTA players united together.

How To create a clan:

Go to the "Clan" section on the TTA forums.
Create a new topic with the clan name as the subject.
In the box below put information about your clan e.g. leaders, objective, members etc.

Now that is how you create a clan... but to make a clan succeed is truly different.

Advice for clans:

Need lots of clan activity - If you don't the clan will stop and die.
Commitment - This comes from both the leaders and members of the clan.
Loyalty - Feel free to join as many clans as you want but remember it is best to be an important
part of one clan than a nobody in several.
Opening Post - Try and provide all the information in the opening post as it makes new applicants willing to see what the clan is about in one post. Colors, logos and other things help your opening message stand out.
Originality - Be a clan that does unique things or has a different style than others.
(e.g. ranking system or role-playing).
Competitions and Tournaments - These help keep the members active and remain part of the clan.

How to join a clan:

First off remember each clan will have a different process of allowing you to join or not.
We shall cover some of the more popular choices.

Tryouts - A high ranking member in the clan (often known as a recruiter) will notify the player willing to join (usually by some sort of chat program) and will instruct him/her of the rules. The recruiter creates the game and the player joins it. If the player wins (or ties in some cases) so many tryouts, i.e. 2/3, then the player is able to join the clan.

Entry Fee - Pay the clan account so many points (e.g. 50 pts) and you are eligible to join.
Be careful though of players willing to rip you off this way.

*Remember to read as much info about the clan as you can beforehand so you already know the selection process to join the clan as well as other useful information.

Possible advantages of being in a clan:

- Sense of being part of something good.
- Meet new people and possibly gain new friends.
- Allow them to help teach you more about the game.
- Join clan specific competitions and tournaments.
- Be a better part of the TTA community.
- To have fun.

Clan tags:

Some clans may ask you to wear a "tag" to show you are part of the clan.
Here is an example:

"PlayerX" has joined the "Crusaders" clan. The official tag for the "Crusaders" is a "||" in front of the name.
They then change their name to || PlayerX. This is so players recognize that you are a part of that clan. Since players may be in multiple clans it is possible for a player to have more than one tag.

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