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00h39m Thursday 18 April

Card Trading

The admins at Triple Triad Advance are offering a safe trading option to ensure fair-trading.

Both participants must send an email to dalamar@ttadvance.ca or balz@ttadvance.ca in which they must include the following information:
- Their name.
- Their own ID.
- Their partner's name.
- Their partner's ID.
- The ID numbers of which cards are to be traded from which player.

The emails must be sent from the same email address as is stated on your account. If it is different then the trade will not occur. If you need to send cards to another account, e.g. for a tournament or Clan issue, then please clearly state it in the email.
This safe trading is a privilege and should not be abused; players abusing this option will be punished.

TTA also has four "super mods" who can also help you with your trades. Any of the four can be contacted on the forums. Be sure to include the same information as stated above or the trade will not occur.

Below is an example of what a trade request should look like:

Hello Admin. I'm Joe (ID: 12345) and I am trading with Citizen (ID: 67890).
The cards I am trading to Citizen are:
ID#617 and ID#322
Citizen is gonna give me:
ID#877 and ID#912


Both players sending the info via PM on chat, or on the forums will work just as well, as will one of the two sending a link to a forum thread (via chat/forum PM) where the trade was agreed to by both people.

The players may also choose to trade with each other of course but be warned there are people who will try to cheat you so trade wisely and use caution.

Point Transfer: Once you have obtained 100 wins + ties combined this option will activate for you.
You can transfer points to other accounts via their account ID#. Players often use this tool when buying cards from other players. All point transfers are logged and reviewed by TTA staff to ensure fair play.

Trade Rules:
The players who do choose to trade with each other will have to do so using the trade rules available after
reaching 20 wins on your TTA account. TTA is not responsible for trades between players.
Be warned there are people who will try to cheat you so trade wisely and use caution.

The winner of the game gets to select a card or cards from their opponent's cards chosen for the game. The number of cards is determined by the trade rule. Trade is a great way to obtain rare cards as well as gaining duplicate cards to sell for points, and in this case making a trade with another player.

One: The winner may take one card from their opponent's hand.

Difference: The winner may take the number of cards equal to the value of the difference between both the player's scores. Example: If Player One won 7-3, Player One could take four cards from the opponent. The maximum number of cards allowed to be taken from the winner is five and the minimum being one.

All: The winner takes all the opponent's cards.

** All games are logged and reviewed by TTA staff to ensure fair play.

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